Clinical success of endodontic posts: a systematic review.

Liviu Steier, Isadora Augusta da Silveira, Moisés Zacarias Cardoso, Felipe Gomes Dallepiane, Juliane Bervian, Matheus Albino Souza.

  • Liviu Steier Steier
  • Isadora Augusta da Silveira
  • Moisés Zacarias Cardoso
  • Felipe Gomes Dallepiane Universidade de Passo Fundo
  • Juliane Bervian
  • Matheus Albino Souza


The aim of this study is to conduct an updated systematic review on the clinical success of endodontic posts covering all systematic reviews and meta-analyses that have been published since 2012. A protocol for systematic review studies with meta-analysis (PRISMA) was used. Based on the PICO formulated question, a detailed search strategy involving electronic searching and hand-searching was developed in order to identify the most relevant studies. The abstracts of identified systematic reviews and meta-analyses were reviewed by 2 authors independently. Electronic searches retrieved 273 references of relevant systematic reviews. The results of the five studies included in this systematic review did not show significant differences in the incidence of failures between fiber posts and metal posts, they only indicate the superiority of the use of posts in teeth with remaining dentin. This systematic review should be interpreted with caution, as there is a need for more randomized clinical trials with better methodological quality to provide high-quality evidence on the subject.